Short Stories by Anja Niemi

One of the very last exhibitions on peel-apart film.


If, like us, you find pleasure in Polaroids, you’ve probably heard the saddening news about Fujifilm ending the production of its peel-apart film—the last of its kind. The world has developed a deep appreciation for the distinct Polaroid atmosphere, and artists still working with these babies in the digital age produce an extra layer of exclusivity. All the more reason to be excited about this exhibition in The Little Black Gallery…

Norway-born artist Anja Niemi premieres her latest series: SHORT STORIES. Considered “one of the most compelling modern artists working today” and “one of Europe’s most talked-about young artists”, Niemi has taken 12 months to now present 140 sheets of peel-apart Polaroids from a 1970’s Polaroid Press camera. Very vintage, indeed. Her SHORT STORIES represent an effort to make something that outlives fast production and the fleeting nature of life. The exhibition is made up of approximately 500 Polaroids, comprising eight short stories as well as fictional characters and objects—all in some way connected.




19 until 22 May, Photo London

26 May until 16 June, The Little Black Gallery

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