Embody: our Berlin exhibition in snapshots

Glamcult and Ari Versluis teamed up for a one-night event at Space_31.

Embody: Botter

Dutch fashion talents Rushemy Botter and Lisi Herrebrugh share their (love) story.

Embody: GmbH

Meet the booming Berlin fashion collective that’s not a collective.

Embody: Herrensauna

The ideals, necessity and symbolism of a sweat-soaked night.

Embody: Swen

Glamcult and Ari Versluis meet fashion’s modern nomads.

Embody: Koché

Glamcult and Ari Versluis meet the young Parisian designer spearheading change.

Embody: Jacquemus

The French fashion star and his dearest model, shot by Ari Versluis.


Embody: Andrea Crews

Ari Versluis meets the designer, her people and her alter ego.

Embody: Ed Marler

Ari Versluis gets intimate with power duo Ed Marler and Matthew Josephs.

Embody: Gosha Rubchinskiy

Ari Versluis meets the Russian boys who take the streets to high-end fashion realms.

Embody: Vetements

Ari Versluis shoots the golden duo that captures the zeitgeist like no other.

Queer (witch)craft with YaYa Bones

“Just like I am genderless, I am also genreless—in a constant fluid flux.”

Rave Revolution: Eris Drew shares the Motherbeat

“It is my belief that every last person on this planet can make healing art.”

“A new masculinity is rising”

Photographer Ferry van der Nat talks new work, all-time muses and sexuality.

Rave Revolution: a weekend at De School

Where is club culture headed in 2019? We asked the artists.

“I want to bring an artistic sense and a spiritual power into action”

Lyra Pramuk soundtracks a fluid, elevated and ethereal future.

Rave Revolution: Violet

“What’s at stake if we aren’t intersectional in all areas of life?”

In conversation with Olivia Lonsdale

“I know what I’m doing, I know what I want from life, and the need to live up to others’ expectations evaporates.”

In conversation with Wesley Berryman

The young designer is set out to conquer the world with love and creativity.

Yulia Yefimtchuk unites fashion, politics and protest

“I like to hide from the noise of the city and hear myself…”

“Moodiness with a pinch of sex”

Get to know techno talent (and Herrensauna resident) CEM.

Where Demna does it best, Elisa van Joolen does it better

Patta and Zeedijk 60 host Elisa van Joolen’s one-to-one collection.

Enter the club realm with a special touch

Glamcult presents immersive fashion performances at De School Amsterdam.

Young filmmaker Donna Verheijden to exhibit at De School

Dance, dream and rethink your desires with De School and Glamcult.