Schueller de Waal are serving an endorphin-fueled dinner

And you are invited.


Back in 2016, designer duo Schueller de Waal dished out a series of pasta-inspired handbags to complete the looks of their second S/S collection. Available in multiple flavours (black or yellow neoprene with zig-zag edges or purple velvet with silver lurex finishing), the Tortellini Tote Bag, Mini Ravioli, and the Ravioli Clutch left the world hungry for more. Now, the twosome is looking to redeem those cravings, by serving rollercoaster mood swings during a six-course dinner extravaganza.

Schueller de Waal are known for their humouristic blend of clashing elements combined with playful ideas on form, print and material—or in this case, introducing actual food as their medium. For them, food and fashion are not so different:

“The way we consume food is under a lot of pressure, while simultaneously, innovation is crucial to the food industry. We experience the same for the fashion industry, and our motivation for Schueller de Waal is to always look at the cycle of a collection from different perspectives regarding the predefined and in our eyes outdated rules of the fashion system. We always do this with a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek attitude and constantly search for different ways to express that, so when Mediamatic asked us to come up with a concept for one of their Neo-Futurist Dinners, our appetite was triggered.”


Titled Endor-fine Dining, the multi-course meal promises a daring exercise in turning bold fashion statements into playful digestible chunks of endorphin-fueled vegan treasures. Teaming up with Dutch designers Rosa Hagen and Lotte Holtappels, the designers are set to serve experimental foodscapes to boost your natural morphine levels, with the added value of gleefully overcoming season’s end.

“The dinner is based on triggering endorphins,” the designers replied, “to boost your happiness levels, we collaborated with food designers ‘Haagse Hapjes’ to design a menu where each of the six courses is a different trigger for the happiness hormone. The different courses are contrasting and sometimes even clashing, exploring various endorphin boosters; ranging from excitement & laughter, to togetherness & meditative healing—all of it with a hint of ironic wittiness towards the exaggeration of modern health hype.”


14, 15, 16 and 17 March, 2018

Mediamatic, Amsterdam


Endor-Fine Dining with Schueller de Waal is part of the Neo Futurist Dinner series at Mediamatic. Get your tickets here!


Words by Ruben Baart

Photography by Henri Verhoef

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