This artwork could be yours to keep

Pick it, wrap it, rent it, love it.

Lara Verheijden

Lara Verheijden, Peggy Kuiper, Olya Oleinic, Imke Ligthart—perhaps the names of these (predominantly Dutch) photographers don’t directly ring a bell. Until you see their work, that is, and realise they’ve all marked the pages of Glamcult.

There’s another common denominator, however. Starting tomorrow, the work of these young visionaries will be on show in Amsterdam—and you can take it home.

Aiming to make art accessible to everyone, the SBK (Foundation for Visual Arts) has joined forces with artist collective A Print Factory to kick off its special subscription service for students. Launching tomorrow with an exhibition night and artist talks, among others, the new subscription enables you to pick your favourite artwork and, more importantly, rent it for a fair monthly price.

In other words: the signature of some of our favourite photographers, as well as many other contemporary works, could very soon be gracing your bedroom walls.


Peggy Kuiper

Thursday 23 June, 7pm – 9pm


Photography: Lara Verheijden and Peggy Kuiper

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