These 6 Dutch design talents are hosting a sample sale

Get there before the fashion coup d’état arrives.


Those yearning all summer for quality, affordable, unique and timeless garments will find solace in this week’s one-off, Amsterdam-based sample sale. Homegrown design talents Camiel Fortgens, Barbara Langendijk, Sophie Hardeman, Schueller de WaalLiselore Frowijn and bea1991 will be opening up the doors to the wardrobe of the future—or your near future.

With their status as young designers that are testing the boundaries of fashion’s stifling regime ever growing, grab the opportunity to get your hands on their innovative design before it comes priced at the unimaginable. You’re invited to lounge about in a living-meets-showroom (more so a living room) and explore these sartorial contemplations. Or simply enjoy a beer to a sonic chill-out session.


Schueller de Waal, photography by Lonneke van der Palen

This coming Saturday will be the perfect opportunity to rack up on foxy garments and lavish fashion series or discover innovative fabrics and forms. With an offering of solid pieces from six Glamcult favourites, make sure you save the date and succumb to that burning hole in your pocket.

Camiel Fortgens

Camiel Fortgens

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Saturday 29 July
12.00 until 17.00
Vendelstraat 2, Amsterdam

Cash only!

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