You’re invited to Ryan Hawaii’s goodbye party

Featuring live shows by Ray Fuego and Fosa.


Following a month-long Amsterdam exhibition by London talent Ryan Hawaii—in collaboration with HÄCKA—design agency Perfect Fools is throwing him a farewell party at its revamped Haarlemmerdijk spot. This Saturday, Exhibition Uprising will mark the final stage of Hawaii’s residency.

A member of the Neverland Clan—also known as “world’s gnarliest boy band”— Hawaii also stands as a fashion designer re-igniting a (new) punk revolution. Hand-customizing garments, the young artist delivers one-of-a-kind pieces loved by the likes of Skepta and Bonne Reijn. For his Amsterdam residency and first ever solo exhibition, the 21-year old crafted original artwork and clothes that are now on sale. With a unique twist, that is: “Prices are negotiable; we all come from different class systems and privileges anyway.”

You’re invited to the final celebration of Ultramarine, featuring live music, visuals and a lot of dreamy art. With free entry and performances from Dutch artists Ray Fuego and Fosa, this is the perfect entertainment for your Saturday evening.


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Words by Lottie Hodson

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