Running with vampires

Teva and Han Kjøbenhavn’s release joint sandal collection.


Say hello to Teva’s latest collaboration—namely with acclaimed menswear brand Han Kjøbenhavn. Offering sharp lines and daring shapes, the combined effort strikes a perfect balance between traditional sandal design and stripped Danish aesthetics.

Han Kjøbenhavn began its business in 2008 with the aim of creating a high quality product for a fair price. Sold in New York, Paris, Copenhagen, as well as distributed by high-end retailers around the world, the collaboration transpired after Teva supported the brand for its latest Copenhagen Fashion Week presentation. The resulting footwear collection encapsulates what makes Danish design so celebrated, but also epitomises Teva’s brand values.

Not convinced just yet? Take a look at the promo video, which sure as hell adds a heroic layer to the collection, and suggests these sandals should be worn by vampires or any other super being. In a quest for what seems to be enlightenment, a bunch of beautiful teens run through the trees and push each other down, stripping down in the process. Who wins? Watch it here and be your supernatural self.


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