The intimate side of America

Dutch photographer Robin de Puy launches first solo exhibition.


It seems impossible to break away from the honest work of this young-but-worldly photographer. Starting on Saturday 19 March, Robin de Puy will exhibit the results of her journey through America at the Fotomuseum Den Haag. De Puy is a hotly requested Dutch photographer, shooting projects for international publications including New York Magazine, Glamcult and Purple. The artist is known for her striking portraits—highlighting all forms of stories, characters and bodies. In 2009 she graduated from the Fotoacademie in Rotterdam and ever since, her hard work has evidently paid off. The artist was nominated for numerous prizes, won the Photo Academy Award in 2009 and took home the National Portrait Prize in 2014. However, success often comes with a downside. In this case, the constant demand for commissioned photography threatened her creative freedom and the opportunity to make autonomous work. Escaping the expectations of the everyday, De Puy took a road trip in 2015 to regain control over the subjects of her photographs. This first solo exhibition marks her incredible gift.



19 March until 26 June

Fotomuseum Den Haag [NL]

Images courtesy of the Ravestijn Gallery, 2015


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