Roam the (underground) streets of Seoul

deadHYPE presents the first volume of music documentary ROADWAVE.


Shot during the summer of 2016, regular Glamcult contributors deadHYPE continued their pursuit of underground music culture as they travelled to the city of Seoul in the hope of discovering a unique music scene. This resulted in the first episode of ROADWAVE, a series in which the British pair moves throughout the world; dedicated to discovering the “sounds and identities of those who have been born out of the streets…”


In this visually trippy documentary, you get to experience various interviews with local crews, DJs, producers, radio, labels, promoters, club owners and fans. With a true desire to share their proud-to-be subculture, musicians of Seoul divulge their worries of being unable to get their music out there as they fight against a “horizon of high-intensity consumer industries and K-Pop famed fan bases.”

Prior to discussing the worldwide audio influences that Seoul musicians take in, one DJ comments on the influence of foreign culture on South Korean music, “the foreign guys who are living here are really motivating people”—with another unveiling “they don’t have a voice here.” Relish in the ability to see the city through the eyes of Seoul’s local creatives in this short film, brought to you by deadHYPE.

Words by Lottie Hodson

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