Respire, Recharge and Rewire

The Hague’s most forward festival reveals full line-up.


No, we’re not talking about installing and setting up your home Wi-Fi router; we’re discussing one of our favourite festivals setting its stage for its ninth edition in The Hague (NL). You know the feeling when you’ve just listened to hours and hours of live otherworldly music in a standout space? Sweaty and breathless, shuffling towards the exit doors till you feel the cool air oxidising your skin…

Now imagine that electrifying sensation for a whole weekend to end your marvellous March. Previously we announced the presence of Nicolas Jaar, Yves Tumor and Lotic on Rewire’s chock-a-block line-up. Finally, with less than six weeks to go, the festival has cemented the full “adventurous music” programme, with an additional 24 performances and projects, totalling a 78-set delight in various locations.

What to look out for? British electronic music phenomenon Actress will premiere ‘Actress & Young Paint’, fusing his heavy aural palette with a life-size projection of his AI-created persona—not to be missed! Julia Holter will be joined by Tashi Wada for a one-off experimentalist duet, and Jessica Pratt will warble lush chamber pop and mysterious psych-folk tracks off her latest album, Quiet Signs.

Rewire 2019 will also mark composer, clarinettist and singer Angel Bat Dawid’s European debut of her first improvisation album, The Oracle, narrating what it means to be black in the 21st century. Sega Bodega will perform his latest rendition of his multidisciplinary project, self*care, which comes with set design by Shawn Murphy. And lastly, we will see the Konrad Boehmer Foundation and the Royal Conservatory unite on the 28th March for a special prelude concert of classical and contemporary music led by Daniel Teruggi, Nic Collins and Gabriel Paiuk.

Come along and reroute yourself to The Hague for a weekend of creative concentration and sonic speed.

Rewire 2019

29-31 March, 2018

The Hague, Netherlands


Words by Lawrence Harrison

Main image: Sega Bodega by Hannah Diamond

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