“Re-manipulate to re-engage”

Art talents Lou Buche, Kevin Bray and Messgewand join forces at Lente Kabinet 2018.


United by an attraction to duality, aesthetic ambiguity and a playful attitude towards dimension, Glamcult is excited to announce that young artists Lou Buche, Kevin Bray and Messgewand will create their own little universe at our Lente Kabinet art experience. Bringing together a rich plethora of visual and conceptual references, their designs aim to open up and activate conversation through their choice of bold colours and surreal subject matter. Working together previously for exhibitions such as Isola 3000, we can’t wait to see what they have in store during our festival collab in May. But in the meanwhile, get to know the three rising artists here.

How would you describe your signature styles?

Our work seems to be quite maximalist, meaning a lot of layers are blending and overlapping, always in dialogue with each other. We are interested in how certain elements such as textures for example, can produce objects. And how thanks to this, paintings, sculptures or installations can be perceived differently. We aim to open up languages hoping that it will open also new ways to think.


How exactly does your work come into being?

We like to bring together a rich amount of visual and conceptual references with which we create possibilities for our work to become interesting by each of us. Collaborating often gives us the possibility to trust the other one and to be more spontaneous. We are in a complete visual conversation. Usually, after a big brainstorm all together about a general idea we agree on, someone is making a first draft which is then taken over by the other one. Meanwhile, ideas, dreams, visions and fears are shared all together, which leads us to collaborative progress. 

Your work often portrays the surreal in everyday life, playing with dimension and our conceptions and interpretation of dimension. Is this something to be taken further within the festival environment?

We are excited to exhibit at a music festival because music is often the foundation of our collaborations. A lot of our ideas are coming from the translations and interpretations of music and what it conveys: social environment, exaggerated behaviour, euphoria, but also composition, structure and pop culture strategies. The pop culture strategies are reconsidered and re-manipulated to reengage with more serious or/and interesting and fundamental topic.

It is really important to think of scale in our installation because a festival is a global experience and our installation should be one of its primary experiences.

Your works often use bright colours and, while often presenting surreal subject matter, appear positive statements. What message do you intend to portray through your designs?

We aim to open up language and activate conversations, playing with the simplicity/naivety of materials or shapes in order to elaborate a confrontation that make people react. 

As artists, you are playful with duality and aesthetic ambiguity. What is it that fascinates you and invites you to represent such dualities artistically?

The idea is to have a result that’s challenging to get for us, as much as for the audience. Somehow, we like to be provocative and confronting towards ourselves as much as with the others.


How often do you still produce smaller design projects?

We like to work on small-scale projects when they affect us and when they seem to be socially important and needed. If we have the feeling that we could by any chance make a difference in the communication of this project, we are going full on.

Will you bring any of these smaller designs to the table in your little world at Lente Kabinet?

Our installation will play a lot with scale. We like to make big statements but confronting them with intricate visual events, and for that installation we will confront again dimensions with each other, big prints with small objects, and the opposite.

Coming from an international background, what does the art scene have to offer in Amsterdam that makes you stay?

We like to have our work rooted in a social surrounding we feel comfortable in. By studying in Amsterdam we got the opportunity to create a family originating from many different countries and cultures that we like and want to make stronger by what we create and share. Our work never forgets to make reference to the place we evolve in.

If you could choose one song as the soundtrack to your art, what would you choose?

Para One, Kiwi

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Words by Louise Goodger

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