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Hurray, it’s May. You made it beyond a third of the way through 2019, and a celebratory flair is definitely in the warm pre-summer air. We’ve had our starter, now it’s time to devour the main course of the year. The sole ingredient we’ll need is the orgasmic pleasure of music. But where to start when picking out the best sounds to backdrop those sunny afternoons and late-night grooves?

If you’re in the know, we’re sure you’re a follower of Glamcult’s very own monthly selection of tracks. Curated by fellow friend and Spotify witch, Marjolijn Verkerk, the Glamcult playlist has been consistently bringing you that monthly dose of sounds that take you through times freezingly cold and unbearably hot, through breakup, new lovers or pets. Since 2019 is the year when old bridges burn and all things switch up, our tracks selection follows suit; the Glamcult playlist shapeshifts and enters a new era of how music taste reaches you.

Consider our Radical Tracks playlist the lifestyle accessory you never knew you needed, continually updated and devoted to the music we believe in. Like every fine thing in life, it contains equal amounts of classic favourites and risky experimentations. You may find The Prodigy’s iconic One Love sitting alongside synth-pop hymn Unbleached by electronic band TR/ST or Ushamami’s decidedly queer dive in experimentation on Jinx. Of course, we won’t do the playlist’s title justice if radical tracks by cultural polymaths, such as Martyr by Sevdaliza and Substancia by Lafawndah, don’t grace the sonic selection. To keep things balanced and fresh nevertheless, Nigeria’s coolest kid Santi shakes you up with Sparky and rapper of the moment Tierra Whack spits empowering post-breakup verses in Only Child.

If being injected with today’s progressive sounds matches your vision of a life worth living—and dancing—through, then follow Radical Tracks on Spotify, keep that notification alert on for all the updates, and keep on dancing.

Words by Glamcult

Music curation by Marjolijn Verkerk

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