Progress with performer Charm Mone

Seventeen minutes, no edits, no facades.


Amsterdam’s Progress Bar never fail to turn things up. But when the collective announced their line-up for this Friday night’s special edition as part of Sonic Acts Festival, darling, it was a moment. Extending across media yet united by an air of defiance, the DJs, artists and poets who are part of the programme promise a bash for the books. And although we’re not ones to pick favourites, there certainly was a name in the list we simply had to sit down for a chat with.

Charm Mone is not your typical performer. Born in Brazil, currently based in Europe, the artist is living proof of creativity’s disregard for boundaries once pure expression is on the table. When we first saw Charm perform last summer, they went by the name of Negroma and had us swept away by an emotional unleash of energy in the form of Body Memory. That moniker might have stayed in 2018, but the change of names is no straightforward shift. Rather, it embodies Charm’s belief in the ever-ongoing process of evolvement and becoming that underlies their being and practice.

Today, the artist is mainly focused on music; their background in dance, film and photography permeating everything they do nevertheless. With a new EP on its way and their first single to be released next month, Charm is someone whose path we follow with thrill. As soon as the artist agreed upon a chat with us however, we knew the feature wouldn’t follow any classic guidelines.

This time around, we take a step back and leave you in the company of Charm’s voice. Seventeen minutes, no edits, no facades: may you be soothed or perturbed, guided or misled. Above all, we hope you feel.

Charm wears Jean-Paul Gaultier Archive and YCCIJ

Progress Bar at Sonic Acts Festival

22 February, 2019

Paradiso, Amsterdam


Feature by Valkan Dechev

Photography by Clara Renner

Styling by Billy Lobos

Special thanks to Edelawit Hussien, Franziska Vogt and UMX Space Berlin

Follow Charm on Instagram, Soundcloud and Bandcamp

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