Progress Bar turns up the heat for Season Finale

Here’s what you can expect (no spoilers included).


Looking for some fresh perspectives and advanced tunes? No need to hit the school benches, because Progress Bar is back this weekend with some awe-inspiring talks and engaging interviews featuring legit writers—and we’re not talking about De Beauvoir or Lorde. These acclaimed authors would have merged well, however, in the night’s intellectual and musical offering; for its season finale, airing this Saturday night, Progress Bar is providing another feminist-toned edition.

Setting the wave in motion, “writivist” and Glamcult collaborator Hélène Christelle will be offering a moment of self-reflection as to foster greater awareness about issues surrounding gender, ethnicity, displacement and diversity. The Rwanda-born writer and activist adamantly presses ahead in her mission to deconstruct framed conceptions and to dismantle restrictive ideas, regardless of the tired ways of thinking and the many suffocating opinions being voiced at the moment.

Taking us off with her on her ever-lasting and delightfully pleasing proclamations, firm critic and writer Flavia Dzodan will also be tapping into some of the aforementioned issues. Having written confronting and critical pieces for The Guardian and Gender Across Borders, amongst others, let Dzodan open up your eyes to the many possibilities of radical pleasure. “I don’t rant, I write manifestos.”

And then there’s the music. Emerging from London’s grime scene, ENDGAME’s DJ cuts are infused with experimental, dancehall and electronic influences—released on the acclaimed Hyperdub label. Making beats like dreams, expect some dark, entangled and densely layered sound waves heading your way. What’s more? Mykki Blanco’s former tour DJ from Toronto, Bambii, will be making her energizing presence heard, and London-based talent Kamixlo is set to explore the boundaries of grime, reggaeton and bass.

For this edition you might want to keep 1-800 WHERE AREYOU? on speed dial, because Glamcult favourite Lyzza will be showing off her skills. Bringing heavy club beats at the age of eighteen, the young musical talent is taking over Amsterdam’s experimental club scene one set at a time. Meanwhile, she’s become a familiar face at Progress Bar, promising a triptych of grime, hip-hop and baile funk each night she’s on set. It goes without saying: this is a finale you don’t want to miss.

27 May, 20.30pm until 4am

Paradiso Noord, Amsterdam


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