Premiere: allow Jo Marches to break your heart

The Dutch synthpop artist releases a sparkly new video.  


This is for all those who know the all-too-familiar experience of falling in and out (and then in and out again) of love. Let the velvety visuals of Jo Marches soothe your soul a little and send your spirit drifting in a pink haze, while the catchy but confronting lyrics of the Utrecht-based band have you “waking up from the dream before it dies.”

Jo Marches’ sensitive sound is brought to life on Silver & Gold through mellow swathes of synths wrapped in seductive melancholy, accompanied by sweet-toned visuals. A sparkly heart—handmade by the talented visual artist Geeske de Graaff aka Gees Voorhees—breaks open to release a million golden particles. (If only all human hearts were this soft…)

More than anything, the swooning sound of Jo Marches and its complementing visuals send you off on a heart-bearing expedition, led along by Johanneke Kranendonk’s blissful mix of sophisticated pop, psychedelic rock and hazy electronica.

Listen to Jo Marches’ debut EP here.




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