Premiere: watch the climatic new video by silky pop duo Coals

An exclusive taste of the band’s first album.


Allow ascending music duo Coals to send shivers down your spineliterally—with its newly released clip. The video comes ahead of the Polish duo’s debut album, which is set to release in autumn. Until then, indulge in atmospheric, faint-lit visuals directed by Ola Bydlowska and Alan Willmann, which are starkly contrasted by moody depictions visible in swift foreshadowing clips, all set to a soft, mantra-like track.

Starting out in a desolate landfill, the haste and suffocation we feel for the protagonist who is running from a life he doesn’t seem to want to belong to, is slowed down in tranquil shots that enhance the beautiful haze. Getting away is the overarching theme of S.I.T.C. as we’re offered stills of exhaustion and sweaty foreheads. In this song we’re graced by not only the silky smooth and lush vocals of Katarzyna but also of Łukasz, who usually works on the production side of things.

Chatting to Glamcult, the band adds: “Once we met a boy and his family: parents, two sisters and a brother in their small village that belongs to one of agricultural regions of Poland. A few poor houses and a lake. The mood and lyrics in S.I.T.C. became an excuse to take him from his reality and bring him with us to our artificial world…”

Coals will be in The Netherlands this weekend, performing at Worm in Rotterdam on the 22nd of April and at TwentySeven in Amsterdam on the 23rd.


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