Revel in Rotterdam’s club culture

Museum Rotterdam is spotlighting three decades of party people.

Dance Parade (Rotterdam) by Daniëlle van Ark

From its infamous Terror Corps to the now legendary Now&Wow nights, the past decades have undeniably seen Rotterdam’s club culture flourish. Commencing in the late ’80s, booming in the ’90s, and with a track record that’s still very tangible today, the city offers a lot to look back on and, of course, celebrate. Well, Museum Rotterdam is doing just that right now—and you can be a part of it.

Nighttown Rotterdam by Gerard Wessel

Officially opened with a bang last week, the exhibition Party People shines a spotlight on two generations of Rotterdam’s night animals. More than 50 performers, DJs, stylists, MCs, festivals and brands have contributed to the show, making this a retrospective that’s entirely created by people who actually made the local scene happen. Described as a “tribute” to these same people by guest curator Ted Langenbach, Party People intends to reflect a wide spectrum of insider views on Rotterdam by night.

Nighttown Rotterdam by Xiang Yu Yeung

Much like a night out, a visit to Party People is a journey; from queuing and facing the door host to hitting the dance floor and—if you’re daring enough—dancing behind the DJ, finding God in the darkroom, and finally seeing the sun rise. Music, however, is the main attraction here, and the curators guarantee you’ll leave their exhibition with a dance. The best thing? There will be no hangover (but feel free to throw an afterparty).

Party People

Museum Rotterdam

12 January – 23 June, 2019

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