Palmistry invites you to a sugary ritual

The singer and producer releases debut album PAGAN.


“Daddy was a pastor, mummy was a pastor. Son was a pagan. LONO, I don’t give a fuck.” Seeing these lyrics on paper, you’d be forgiven for thinking them irate, rebellious or indifferent at least. Nothing could be farther from the truth; on his debut album, PAGAN, British artist Palmistry declares sweetness to be the cure.

Built on his signature (electronic) dancehall beats, always both warm and minimal, Keating transports the syrupy and sensual to the dark side. Timing is key, as his melancholic vocals roll over, under and on to the stripped Jamaican sound, with even a drawn-out “LOL” making you gasp.

For his debut artwork, Palmistry teamed up with Cottweiler, the British fashion designers brilliantly combining the synthetic and natural—a match made in heaven, if you ask us.

Whether you label PAGAN as watery slow trance or poignant dancehall pop, there’s always a dark, sugary ritual you’re invited to. Great shall be your peace.

By Leendert Sonnevelt

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