Our top picks for Strange Sounds From Beyond 2018

A guide to this year's festival favourites.


With just three days to go until lift-off, we couldn’t be more excited for Strange Sounds From Beyond 2018. Having experienced the two previous editions of the Amsterdam festival and this year’s pre-party, the line-up of unorthodox talents promises to be the best yet. Glamcult wouldn’t want you to miss any memorable moments, so we’ve picked out some of our favourite acts to guide you through the two-day trip.

Creating sublime electronic music under the Lanark Artefax moniker, Calum MacRae has piqued the interest of electronic music greats such as Aphex Twin and Björk, both of whom played his tracks at festivals last summer. The Glasgow-based English Literature graduate really is taking the (underground) world by storm. With distended beats and tonal spasms underpinning vocal collages and softly glowing synth melodies, we can’t get enough of this young talent.

Amsterdam-based young talent Mad Miran is really one to watch out for. Immersing herself in electronic music from a young age—discovering her favourite DJs, producers and every left-field corner of the (electronic) music world—her commitment to her art runs deep in all she creates. Riding a growing wave of esteem, Mad Miran is well on her way to becoming one of our Amsterdam favourites.

In the mood for something a little more intense? Nurse with Wound have got your back. Originally starting out as a band in 1978 performing dark, ambient tracks, it is now the main recording name for electronic musician Steven Stapleton (and co.). Having exerted their obscure authority for over 30 years, catch the latest Nurse with Wound instalment at this year’s SSFB.

Having opened the infamous Sónar Festival this past weekend, adding to her armoury of outstanding shows, JASSS’s dark experimental sounds are leaving crowds speechless as well as a little dazzled. Hailing from Spain as Silvia Jimenez Alvarez, the Berlin-based artist is a fresh and daring new talent whose interests and sound span a wide range of styles, eras and continents. For a performance by JASSS—but really, for all of the above—coming prepared means coming with an open mind. See you frontstage!

Strange Strounds From Beyond Festival

23 and 24 June, 2018

Noorderlicht, NDSM, Amsterdam




Words by Louise Goodger

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