Indulge in the rebirth of opera

Opera Forward Festival welcomes the future to the stage.


On a fast-paced mission to change the outdated sentiment that often clings to its genre, Opera Forward is forming a new and exciting dimension to its historical audiovisual endeavour. The second edition of Opera Forward Festival in Amsterdam kicks off with a refreshingly relevant focal point: power versus powerless.

Recognizing and exploring the abuse of (political) power, the creatives behind the festival are hoping to regain the relevance of opera by addressing national—and international—issues that are relatable to all visitors. Taking place between the 18th and 31st of March, this jam-packed week offers plenty of opportunities to inject new cultural and creative energy into your life. As an ideal platform for the Dutch National Opera to create opportunities for new initiatives and scopes, this week is guaranteed to show the most daring international opera talents of our generation.

Summarized as a “colourful revue about power” and “a sexy dystopian show”, The New Prince—directed by Lotte de Beer—will be making its world premiere on the 24th of March. Driven by a strong fascination with power, De Beer reveals that she has always felt it’s “the ugliest form of interaction” and that now, in the midst of political upheaval, “it’s healthy to reflect on our past and consequently our future”.

Based on the original tale of The Prince (1532) by Niccolò Machiavelli, De Beer has spun a fresh and relevant take on the original storyline—although the ‘Prince’ in her title is certainly no fairytale figure—focusing on themes of agency and abusive rulers. The opera features famous characters we all know too well, including Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump. Set in a future dystopian world around 2032, this must-see performance is sure to publicize an important message, relaying tales from both the oppressors and the oppressed, and feeling all too relevant to our current political climate.


Opera Forward Festival | 18 until 31 March

The New Prince | 24 until 31 March


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Words by Lottie Hodson

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