OIJ offers cinematic electropop during Museum Night

Get dazzled at Raumfeld’s Amsterdam store this Saturday.


This weekend, the Teufel Raumfeld flagship store opens as a one-night nightclub, welcoming you to enjoy great music on great speakers. In true Museumnacht fashion, there will be an eclectic mix of events, including live graffiti art alongside a performance by sound and light artist OIJ. Describing his sound as “cinematic electropop” and having his track Believe selected as the official European Athletics Championships 2016 song, you can imagine the feel-good vibes that will ooze out of the speakers. With Raumfeld providing those, it’s guaranteed to be a night of impressive sound and musical prowess. We got to know OIJ.

Could you describe the sort of sound you make, and the process you go through when creating a track?

I call my sound cinematic electropop—when laying the basis of a track I often like to begin with a certain vibe, an atmosphere. I create a picture in my mind and bring it to life with sound. Along the way, the melodies slowly start pouring in and evolve into a song.

Can you tell us a bit about what you have planned for your performance at the Teufel Raumfeld flagship store?

It’ll be a signature OIJ show in an intimate setting. I’ll also be playing some of my unreleased new tracks of my upcoming EP, Wabi Sabi.

What is it you look forward to about playing live?

I always look forward to playing live. I love seeing the response of the audience when I perform—it gives me so much energy.

As this is usually a store, how will you use it as a music venue?

Luckily it’s an audio equipment store, so hopefully I won’t have to worry about the sound quality! I’ll just play as I always do, giving it my all and playing a nice set that builds up towards the end.

We hear you also have a (notorious) light show planned for your set.

I have a custom built LED cage in which I perform—fourteen sticks surround me in a circle that respond to the signals I send out from my laptop, synchronized to the music. So in case I loop a part of a song longer, or slow a song down, the lights will follow. This way I have the freedom to make modifications during my live show, and the lights will automatically synchronize to the adjustments. Big props to the wizards who helped me build and program them!

Your song Believe was the official European Athletics Championships 2016 song. How did this came about?

The people at the organization of the European Athletics Championships 2016 had heard my music and contacted me, stating they were looking for a musical theme for the games. We had a meeting and I let them hear this song I was working on: Believe—it was a perfect match right from the start. It was such a special feeling to be in the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam and to hear the song being played to all the people watching the games.

5 November, 11pm (event starts at 8pm)

Van Baerlestraat 16H, Amsterdam





Words by Lottie Hodson

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