Nine-to-five with Rihanna and Drake

Our favourite GIFs after Work.


Rihanna and Drake’s new video for Work is nothing but magic, the type that leaves you wondering what just came over you. The more-than-seven-minute clip is divided into two separate videos by different directors, and shows Rihanna grinding up on Drizzy. When not dancing, the rapper is mostly chilling, and Queen Ri doesn’t seem to care much as she twerks to the sight of herself in the mirror. Part 1/2 is set in restaurant ‘the real jerk’—spicy chicken—and 2/2 in a pink room, which very much reminds us of Hotline Bling’s neon-lit rooms and casual Drake dancing. Yet the video has just as many, if not more, Rihanna vibes to it, which makes this the perfect collab. Drake’s face at 5:57 sums it all up, really. Please twirl that cherry necklace around once more…



By Michelle Janssen

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