Newton, Testino and Pigozzi unite in Berlin

A must-see ode to undressing and the ’90s.


Ever since being established in Berlin back in 2003, the Helmut Newton Foundation continues the late photographer’s pursuit to expose not only his own work, but also that of many other great talents. On June 2nd, an extension of this prowess was unveiled in an exhibition consisting of three bodies of work featuring Newton alongside his friends Mario Testino and Jean Pigozzi.

Mario Testino, Philippe, Upstreet, Paris, 2000, © Mario Testino

Undressed by Mario Testino, a site-specific installation made exclusively for the Helmet Newton Foundation featuring fashion and nude photos, is presented alongside Jean Pigozzi’s Pool Party. This spontaneous series of snapshot-like images was taken at Pigozzi’s private swimming pool, which used to be a popular hangout for A-list celebrities. Featuring the likes of Naomi Campbell and Mick Jagger, his black-and-white portfolio gives you an exclusive flashback to the ’90s .

Testino’s exposé teases us with the idea of relationships between his subjects, yet their “amorous play never slips into the obscene or pornography.” With 50 larger-than-life images covering every corner of three of the foundation’s exhibition walls, there’s more than enough to make your mouth water. Running from June until November, this is a perfect dose of summery gallery viewing.

Jean Pigozzi, Naomi Campbell with Mick and Bono (the dogs), Antibes, 1993, © Jean Pigozzi

Jean Pigozzi, Naomi Campbell with Mick and Bono (the dogs), Antibes, 1993, © Jean Pigozzi

Mario Testino: Undressed

Helmut Newton: Unseen

Jean Pigozzi: Pool Party


On view until 19 November 2017


Words by Lottie Hodson

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