“Jump into the neo-rave spaceship”

This Amsterdam party will take you on an audiovisual journey.


Get transported to alternate universes at Amsterdam’s OT301 this Friday, as Ultratatane welcomes fresh experimental artists to take you on an AV trip. As an art/club night that explores the relation between sound and image, this event is sure to tickle all senses. With a hyper-eclectic line-up covering all bases, Glamcult had to catch up with organizer Juliette to find out what’s in store.

Ultratatane 2 is looking promising! What can we expect?

In general, I think you should expect a lot of fun—it will be an audiovisual journey through alternate universes. We are very happy to welcome the new project of Panteros666 with Ines Alpha: HyperAlliance. It will be their second ever performance together, which I think will be fascinating! The entire program is full of other surprises from Aprile, Torus and Suzi Wong to the Missing Channel and myself. We’re all really looking forward sharing this night with everybody.

The opportunity to explore the relations between sound and image—could you elaborate on this? 

I am organizing this event with four friends (Lou, Kévin, Alexis and Mao). We are designers, video makers and music lovers; the relation between sound and image is at the core of our practices so we are aiming to explore how images can affect our appreciation of music.



Do all the artists follow quite a similar theme or is it quite a diverse mix of performers?

It will be quite an eclectic night. We will travel from algorithmic beats to super accelerated pop songs to neo-rave space sounds to pop-trance hits to experimental dance music, while being mesmerized by all performers’ visual worlds.

Could you describe each artist/group in just three words?

HyperAlliance: technology, aesthetics, spaceship

Torus: pop-trance, megamix, climax

Aprile: futurave, sharp, kick-ass

jujul0v3: ultra, acceleration, slime

Suzi Wong: lissajous, determined, pattern

The Missing Channel: physical, ceremony, tatane

You have a small giveaway arranged for the event. What’s up for grabs?

We have prepared a small number of limited edition t-shirts for the party, which will randomly be distributed in the audience during one of the performances. I can’t say more…

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Ultratatane 2

Friday 27 January, 10pm

OT301, Amsterdam


Attend on Facebook and get your tickets soon!


Words by Lottie Hodson

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