Nails for days, honey

ISLA Berlin on trends, inspiration and building communities.


This isn’t your typical nail salon, honey. ISLA Berlin serves you an entire fantasy and lifestyle wrapped up in a message of beauty and inclusivity. More a collective than a salon, ISLA makes ground for street wear, nail art and music to meet and form a safe haven for a laid-back community to gather in. Regardless whether the encounter with their nail designs is online or in-store, one can’t help but be stunned by the craftsmanship with which everything is executed. And we can’t hide our excitement about ISLA’s pop-up salon at next week’s Zalando denim event, where the beauty gurus will transform your fingers into pure art. In anticipation of the experience, we sat down with ISLA for a quick chat on inspiration, trends and, unsurprisingly, communities.

What influenced you to bring together your specific combination of disciplines in one creative space?

Berlin didn’t have a nail art scene, so that was definitely a starting point for us. We also wanted to create a welcoming space for creative people with different interests, to combine nails with fashion, music, hair and events. They all complement each other really well and we love to offer a mixture of services that reflect our customers.

You describe ISLA as a “community”. Why? And how would you describe this community?

The different elements of ISLA—nails, fashion, music, hair, events—bring in a colorful variety of people, who come in and chill with us—we love that! In our store and throughout our online following, we have both guys and girls from all over the world, working in different industries; this is what keeps our work so fun! We just love brining people together—clients become our friends and we get to know each other too.

What inspires you to create certain nail designs? 

Inspiration could come from anywhere—fashion collections, artworks, our clients’ pets—anything!  We love when our customers come with new ideas that push our limits.

What is your key to success when communicating to the audience you are trying to reach?

The key to what we do is inclusivity and authenticity. And this attracts an amazing and very engaged crowd without us having to force it. We’re just are who we are and we always stay true to that.

Do you keep up with the latest nail trends?

We do test out the latest nail products so that our design are kept on-point and fresh, yet we also like to stay ahead of trends. We’re inspired by a broader spectrum of culture than simply what’s trendy at the moment.

What is the craziest design you’ve ever done?

We’ve done literally everything! From all-over logo prints to pet portraits—our clients really keep it interesting!

Do you have any future plans to spread ISLA on a bigger scale?

We have loads of exciting things coming up, so stay tuned.

Zalando denim with NAAZ, Operator, ISLA Berlin + more

17:00—21:00, 15 November, 2018

Roodkapje, Rotterdam

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