A time to laugh and to MOURN

The young Catalonian band brings out Ha, Ha, He.


Ha, Ha, He is a musical cache for the international scene. The sophomore album from Catalonian band MOURN preserves the temperaments of its four young members. Despite all being between 17 and 20 years old, Carla Pérez Vas, Jazz Rodríguez Bueno, Antonio Postius and Leia Rodríguez make music that’s both youthful and wise.


Whether it’s poems by William Blake or games such as The Legend of Zelda, MOURN untangle dense subjects using assorted inspirations. Listening to The Clash, Sunny Day, Real Estate, Jack White and The Strokes provided an education rivalling that of their formal schooling.

Rock and punk taught the stripped-down, DIY, no-bullshit approach evidenced in MOURN’s unvarnished sound. On Evil Dead, for example, the lyrics surge from below as their voices vibrate with intent. Through improvisational writing sessions and candid lyrics, the foursome enshrines a time many choose to forget.


By Emily Vernon

Photography: Alba Yruela

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