Micah Hesse blends animation with reality

Capturing the ambiguous relationship between growth and happiness.


Economists are such romantics… Well, at least in American artist Micah Hesse’s highly political piece Lonely Without a Company, they are. The seven-and-a-half-minute-long video fascinates with its simultaneously poetic and concrete view on economics, linguistics and humanity.

By blending animation with reality, Hesse creates an equally surreal and real space where the metaphorical meets the literal. And as they meet, they make tiny shifts in meaning along the way. Time is money, but is it really? Little is known of Hesse, except that in his work he manages to capture the ambiguous relationship between growth and happiness as well as the juxtaposition of power and powerlessness.

Still from Lobbyless-2015-Still_07

Using video, CGI and 3D tracking to meticulously illustrate concepts that would otherwise go unseen, Hesse will likely continue to take us into unknown realms of thought. Let’s all become members of the free association-association.


By Iris Wenander

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