#metime with Beau

These girls will alleviate your modern ailments.


We all know how difficult it is to discover true and transparent tracks these days. Heather Boo and Emma Rose, collectively known as Beau, deliver debut album, That Thing Reality, to alleviate our modern ailments. The New York born-and-bred outfit combines ’60s and ’70s folk rock with youthful narratives, unadulterated by overly modern references or digital effects.

The bouquet of tracks is as alluring together as each is individually. It’s as though every song is an opportunity to hear the duo explore both vocal ranges and sonic assortments. Must listens—from C’mon Please to One Wing, Mosquito and Animal Kingdom—pay testament to the album’s everlasting quality and welcome variety. Upon first listen, you’re transported to stories of chance encounters, being alone and getting lost. Take it on your next walk through the city or indulge during a night in, #metime.

By Emily Vernon


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