Meet the ‘Children of Graceland’

Ace & Tate presents a photography project by Hayley Louisa Brown.


Ever since being established, Ace & Tate has been committed to supporting the creative community—recognizing their importance in the development of the label and giving back. First supporting Dutch photographer Lucas Hardonk, the Ace & Tate Creative Fund has just given a stage to the second fund recipient: photographer, Glamcult contributor and the editor-in-chief of Brick, Hayley Louisa Brown.

glamcult_ace & tate_graceland_4

Shown during a three-day exhibition at the Ace & Tate London ‘peep store’ as well as Protein Studios, Brown unveiled her Children of Graceland. This set of photographs features young Elvis fans and indirectly captures the “king of rock and roll” as a lasting legend. Characterized by straightforward authenticity, Brown’s work contrasts mainstream imagery with innovative perspectives.

glamcult_ace & tate_graceland_1

The Ace & Tate Creative Fund makes emerging talent more prominent in our daily experience by bringing the ideas of young visionaries to the forefront. Stay synced with Ace & Tate’s Journal and visit the ‘peep stores’ to see the work of their creative collaborators. In the meanwhile, have a glimpse at Brown’s beautiful work here.

glamcult_ace & tate_graceland_2


All photos courtesy of the artist and Ace & Tate

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