Meet the 24 Dutch design talents of 2018

‘Platform Talent’ captures a new creative generation.


For young art and design talent today, it’s not just creating relevant work that poses a continuous challenge. When an artwork or design is finally ready to see the light, how does it reach its potential audience? From your Instagram feed to connecting with established galleries, making your work visible and getting that exposure can feel like a time-consuming burden. Vice versa, it can be tough for a design-craving audience to find out the exact whereabouts of the new creative generation.

In comes Platform Talent, a brand new online database by the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, which contains the best design talent of the moment. Platform Talent allows you to meet the new generation of designers and creators who were supported by a Talent Development grant between 2013 and today. In addition, all the Stimuleringsfonds talents of 2018 have been captured in a one-minute video portrait by Studio Moniker. Beyond the temporary, Platform Talent will continue to grow annually with the arrival of a new generation of designers—forming a lasting design database for the future.

With Dutch Design Week currently taking place all over Eindhoven, get to know all 24 talents of 2018 in a video installation at Veemgebouw. But in the meanwhile, watch the first two videos—starring young designers Manon van Hoeckel and Frank Kolkman—right here.

Platform Talent is now online:


Visit the Platform Talent exhibition at Dutch Design Week

20 – 28 October, Veemgebouw, Eindhoven NL


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