Explore the meaning of ‘Masculinities’ at Unseen Amsterdam

Glamcult and Barrie Hullegie present a photography exhibition.


Glamcult has teamed up with photographer Barrie Hullegie for a must-see photo expo, entitled Masculinities, as part of Unseen Amsterdam’s city programme. As the exhibition title suggests, the artist, fascinated by coming of age, presents a body of images that approach masculinity as a pluralistic identity rather than a fixed one. As such, masculinity becomes performative—a performance that is defined by each individual that considers himself (or herself) masculine. In this three-day show, expect raw and corporeal work through which Barrie studies bodies, characters, compositions and connotations.

Mitchell: jeans Christopher Shannon, tank Zeeman

Masculinities comprises a collection of commissioned fashion images and autonomous works, created by Barrie in collaboration with Glamcult. The Dutch-born-and-raised photographer has a distinctive, contemporary approach to image-making and style. His work primarily zooms in on people, carrying a poetic and dreamy touch—but also a raw spirit. The arrangement of colours and, equally important, the use of light and locations, are essential to his art direction, for which he’s gained national and international recognition. Stop by between the 22nd and 24th of September to see Masculinities in the flesh.


22 until 24 September

Dr. Jan van Breemenstraat 1A

De School, Amsterdam


Friday 12.00-19.00

Saturday 12.00-19.00

Sunday 12.00-17.00


Admission: Free

Attend on Facebook



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