Martin Niklas Wieser

Criticizing the rules and processes of fashion.



Although his work might come across as minimal or even simplistic, the story behind Martin Niklas Wieser’s work is much more intricate. Rather than focusing on (just) a fashionable end product, this German designer sets out to expose and critique the rules and processes of the fashion world—both in terms of mass industry and of sly marketing. Wieser proposes an unconventional alternative—not by means of heavy haute-couture embellishment or extensive artisanal techniques, but by employing the language of the everyday product world itself. Yes, that includes the IKEA utensils and Bauhaus shower curtains we all know too well. Complementing his nominal and genderless A/W15 collection with the exhibition Pink or Blue at Trust Ltd. in Berlin, Wieser shaped a room of garments and objects not bound to connotations of gender or time: “a smooth and muted utopia that is not separate from the product world, but rather finds itself a peaceful place within.” A quiet but bold statement.


By Leendert Sonnevelt

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