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Your summer sounds by the likes of BANKS, Young Thug and Petite Meller.


Most of you are probably chilling and indulging ‘cause the most joyous time of the year is finally upon us. Sun’s beaming, body’s tanning, friends are laughing, and fresh cocktails keep you buzzing. Sometimes, just for a second, you think about how harsh the comeback to the office will be and it’s getting you down. Stop! No buzzkills!

It’s hardly the beginning of August, you’ve worked hard enough and you truly deserve this. Switch off your phone, put some ice in that Mojito, sit back, breathe in and push play—feels good, doesn’t it?


Curated by Jean-François Adjabahoué


GIFs taken from Fuck With Myself by BANKS

and The Blanguage by Young Thug


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