Let go of your election stress with SORT

The gritty London zine is back.

SORT Zine Issue 03, Image Slava Mogutin

Although you might be stuck on today’s unnerving UK elections—or musing over some ridiculous headlining earlier today—SORT zine has something to get you through the pressing hours leading up to the painstakingly tense reveal with a reveal of their own. Tonight, at 9PM sharp, the third brainchild of artistic duo Joseph Delaney and Matt King will see the light. First hailing from London’s underground in 2015, the independent mag continues to bring an unapologetic and (oc)cult aesthetic, underscored with a deeper socio-political message.

Where the first issue was dedicated to untouched forms of beauty—or the beauty of ugliness, it’s matter of perspective—issue two devoted its medium to wild underground club scenes. Each time, vesting interest in the valiant and the defiant. This time round, SORT turns an eye to the severe issues that go unseen in the everyday and continue to pass as a mundane normality, further directing attention to the cult of today that rages against normative worldviews and set standards.

SORT Zine Issue 03, Image Derek Ridgers and Matt King

SORT Zine Issue 03, Image Derek Ridgers and Matt King

Featuring raw, unedited and captivating imagery, SORT’s new issue doesn’t require beguiling headings to captivate an audience. Instead, it features convincing work from some of cult’s finest—from nightlife photographer Derek Ridgers, who snaps up queer club kids in the backrooms of London’s club scenes, to Russian activist, visual artist and Glamcult contributor Slava Mogutin, who continues to combat the decrees upheld by oppressive regimes. Narrating an intricate thread through all of the featured visuals are the words of actor-slash-activist Rose McGowan.

Celebrating the release tonight, SORT invites you to join in on a party that includes live performances by Naked, Never Worse and Soonbe, amongst others. Sure to either become the early festive soundtrack to a small but sweet national win or the soundtrack to a nearing cultural decay—either way, raise your voice and let go of your election troubles (BUT VOTE LABOUR).


SORT Zine Issue 03, Image Amy Watkin

Issue 03 launches tonight at Vogue Fabrics, London

Attend the Issue launch here


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Words by Rebecca Nevins


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