Your Glamcult guide to King’s Day 2018

These Amsterdam parties are actually worth your time.

Lafawndah by Jenia Filatova | Progress Bar

Excited for King’s Day but struggling to sift through the endless orange to plan the perfect weekend? With the sheer volume of events you’re bombarded with on all sides, it can be difficult to find those glittering gems. Well, Glamcult has got your back. With only a few days to go before Amsterdam explodes in celebration, we’ve sifted through what’s on offer to highlight those events that will really make this King’s Day one to remember.

King’s Night

Koningsnacht Claire: DJ Deeon / Dinamarca / Drippin

Hosting none other than local girls Carista and Rachel Green next to house music pioneer DJ Deeon, this is set to be one hell of a night. Ever drawing links between classic G-house and unruly strains of house and techno, don’t miss out on the chance to see this legend in action.

TNO + Sexyland = Sexynacht

Turn on your pre-party swing at Sexyland with booze, games and hip-hop to bring in your King’s Day. Hosted by our unruly friends of The New Originals with local boy Sokarekta on the line-up, among others, the energy here is set to be laid-back with a high chance of escalation.

King’s Day

Breakfast Club King’s Day

Serving up a royal breakfast yet again… Heading over to the shimmering skyline at Undercurrent with two dance floors and a beautifully shaped programme of old friends and new faces, this is the perfect space to create those lasting (or not) King’s Day memories. Featuring, among others, Amsterdam residents JP Enfant and Oceanic next to Levon Vincent and Nicolas Lutz.

De Koningsdag

De School and Garage Noord are teaming up to throw a get-together on the terrace of Café DS. Starting at noon, the programme not only features our queen LYZZA who recently conjured a blazing Boiler Room set, but also chilled activities throughout the day. The perfect way to nurse yourself from the night before whilst dancing your way to a memorable King’s Day.

Jayda G / Kornél Kovács / Carista @ De School

A night that needs no introduction. Jayda G, the Canadian music producer and DJ immaculately fusing house, disco and R&B, brings her girl power to the dark dance floor of DS. Also featuring Carista and the great Swedish producer and DJ Kornél Kovács, this is not one to be missed.

Spielraum x Cocktail d’Amore Music

Sweaty, sexy and playful: with this 12-hour edition of Spielraum, let techno be the soundtrack to your adventures. Spielraum’s “musical playground” is built with sets from Polly F, Discodromo, Freddy K and many more. Not quite persuaded yet? Also featuring CEM, our current Berlin favourite, this queer night at RADION—always—delivers on both music and crowd.

And to dance away that hangover?

Progress Bar

Survived King’s Night and King’s Day? We’re proud. If you still feel the need to dance and leave all responsibilities behind (strongly recommended), Progress Bar has a night in store for just that. Topping the line-up are Air Max ’97, a producer and DJ whose oblique productions and remixes are establishing a singular presence in the current music landscape, and Lafawndah, who is causing ripples worldwide as a riveting music and film visionary. Also featuring Dis Fig, N-Prolenta, NXS and Yoong.

Words by Louise Goodger

Main image: Lafawndah by Jenia Filatova

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