Keren Cytter enlists Colby Keller for Amsterdam performance

The Stedelijk Museum hosts ‘There is no us in masterpiece’.


Having previously been a resident at de Ateliers in Amsterdam, Keren Cytter is returning to Dutch soil to unveil the world premiere of her major new performance, There is no us in masterpiece. Commissioned by and being held in the visionary hotspot that is the Stedelijk Museum, the show is set to be a unified triumph of the live, the acted and the filmed.

Cytter, a New York-based all-round creative, has generated a performance that pushes the boundaries of acting, questions the aspect of reality, and forces the audience to consider the very notions of what they are viewing. As a film-, installation- and performance artist, the Israeli talent now compiles her multifaceted skill set into an interactive and engaging production—the film starring actor Fabian Stumm, actress Susie Meyer and actor/adult superstar Colby Keller.

The artist prompts her audience to constantly question what constitutes acting, by repeatedly switching between staged and non-staged moments. With actors using their real names, find yourself enthralled in the consequences of love affairs, and confused by the merge of the authentic and the phony—but which is which? Find out by grabbing yourself a hot ticket to one of the performances.


4, 5 and 6 November

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam


Words by Lottie Hodson


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