The Hague’s photography graduates show the power of a single image

See their work at Melkweg Amsterdam.  

Tanya Eftal

If only just for now, the oversaturated media landscape seems to have swallowed the proudly expressive individual into a crowded image network in which expressiveness has been left defused.

Setting the challenge to break through this clutter in an era of over-exposure, 38 graduates from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (KABK) have set up an exhibition in which they each display a single image that translates their identity, core message and unique capabilities. Each separate image functions as a personal megaphone.


Larissa Ambachtsheer

Faced with the difficult task of choosing the strongest, most compelling image, the budding photography talents handpicked work that bears the essence of their four-year journey at the acclaimed Dutch art academy. Through it, they hope to exemplify the bond between image and reality and showcase the capacity photography holds to imbue a single image with a power to move reality—if only infinitesimally. Further, they aim to depict their search for beauty and meaning.

Step away from your digital screens and ponder over some stunning visuals IRL. Of course that doesn’t mean you can’t still arrive with your Instagram app primed. And as you do so, offer a supporting hand by purchasing some exclusive material as the graduates finalize their graduation campaign.


Emma Hopstaken

KABK: The power of the Single Image

20 May until 18 June

Melkweg, Amsterdam


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Images in following order:

Tanya Eftal, Larissa Ambachtsheer, Emma Hopstaken

Words by Rebecca Nevins


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