Catch a glimpse of fashion’s future in The Hague

The graduates of the Royal Academy present their final work.


Not sure what to do this coming weekend? Well, here’s a good idea. From Saturday onward, the students of the Textile & Fashion department of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague will demonstrate their skill and innovative vision on fashion and textile design with the annual fashion show and exhibition. Having formulated their unique message and aesthetics over the past three years, each budding designer will have the opportunity to showcase their talent.

Hosted in the spectacular Electriciteitsfabriek, presented at the KABK Fashion Show on Saturday will not only be the final collections of Yasmin Boomsma, Yuki Ito, Timothy Scholte and Laura Snijders—but also the work of first, second and third-year students. Questioning current conceptions of fashion, pushing boundaries and shifting frontiers, the designers are defining their own within the raw space of the Electriciteitfabriek.


Yasmin Boomsma

Following the show on Saturday evening, the exhibition Exposed will be open for four days: showcasing work by graduates Yani Chuang, Marijn van der Eyden, Yuchen Jao and Joana Schneider. Powered by the Keep an Eye Foundation—which keeps an eye on talented young artists by providing grants and awards—don’t miss your chance to see the works of these emerging designers. Show your appreciation for the future of fashion and get your tickets today.


Laura Snijders

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Words by Louise Goodger

Main image by Ronald Stoops


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