KABK Fashion Show presents The Hague’s promising design talent

Meet the class of 2017.

Design Thalonja Slui, Photography Nico Laan, model Maria Oosterveen

On June 17th, the graduates from the Textile & Fashion department of the acclaimed Royal Academy of Art The Hague (KABK) will be presenting four years worth of soaked-up knowledge. Each of the budding designers set to present their final collection have taken that knowledge and transformed it into compelling fabrications resembling their unique message, design principles and aesthetics.

Eagerly nearing the end of their academic career, that closing runway moment cannot come soon enough for Veronika Konvickova, Rachael Cheong, Roos Boshart and Thalonja Slui. Currently finding themselves on the brink of the realm of fashion—and far beyond—they question boundaries, actively bend rules and test fashion’s stifling frontiers in order to start defining their own.

This Saturday, the young fashion designers will be challenging the industry in terms of innovation and conceptual design. With previous years having set high standards, we can imagine these designers are feeling the pressure to excel. However, with this line-up of four already having received some spotlight treatment for their work, this year’s grads are bound to exceed expectations.

Hosted in the raw Electriciteitsfabriek and powered by the Keep an Eye Foundation, don’t miss out on your chance to witness some refreshing concepts and innovative splendour this weekend. Salute the new wave of creative talent and get your tickets here.

Design Rachel Cheong, Photography Nico Laan, model Sebastiaan Schoen

Design Rachel Cheong, Photography Nico Laan, model Sebastiaan Schoen

KABK Fashion Show 2017

17 June 2017

De Electriciteitsfabriek, The Hague





Photography: Nico Laan

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