Joe Hamilton

The artist offering all destinations we ever dream of.


As if looking down into the abyss, we browse through (2015) and a feeling of vertigo overcomes. Existing online, the latest work by Australian artist Joe Hamilton simulates an aerial view of a hybrid landscape through which the viewer navigates with ease, as Google Maps had become so natural to us. Accompanied by an aural composition that transits along as you pan over the surface, the multidirectional panorama combines elements of found footage with visual material the artist gathered during his travels. Hamilton often creates interconnected patchworks that exist in a range of platforms; whether it is a Tumblr, one minute video or a website that works perfectly on mobile, his fragmented landscapes depict our relationship to the physical environment and challenge how through mediation our conception hereof has changed. No longer do we feel the urge for traveling, as Hamilton’s work already offers destinations we dream of.

By Ruben Baart

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