Jésus Diaz is Instagram’s sweetest surrealist

“I’m just fighting to be myself...”

Jésus Diaz by Scott Johnston for Glamcult

Although we’re not quite sure how to define his work, the surrealistic imagery of Jésus Diaz has cast a spell on us. Beset by conventions, this young maverick is fighting to be himself one Instagram post at a time. Carefully crafting a visual landscape blazoned with a non-conformist aesthetic, he hopes to open up a space that is more accepting and all-encompassing. This kind of positive thinking has led him to abide by his own rules—of which there are none—and create identity exposures distilling a boundless notion of fashion. We sat down with the bright Instagram poseur to talk Body Politics.

Would you say your work is related to body politics? 

Not particularly, it’s not something that directly influences my work. But I do think it unintentionally shows in what I do.

Do you see your work as a form of protest?

I think art is an “efficient” platform for protest. However, Im not trying to make art in that way; I’m just fighting to be myself. Creativity flows in many directions. Therefore my work might at times be perceived differently and could indeed be seen as a form of protest.


Daniel Del Valle and Elias Pedrosa styled and photographed by by Jésus Diaz

Do you think social media have an impact on shaping our beauty ideals?

Of course, right now it’s the biggest influence on people’s different perceptions of beauty. It influences every single person who signs in and scrolls down, creating a visual world that they can choose or choose not to be a part of. In a way, it’s making progression faster and people’s strengths stronger. At the same time it also has many detrimental factors.

Where do you get your body confidence? 

I feel my body confidence is definitely a product of my mind.


Gabriel Harvey styled by Jésus Diaz, photography by Callum James Lewis

What advice would you give to your younger self when it comes to body positivity? 

“Don’t let others influence you, just do and be who you really are.”

What does femininity/masculinity mean to you? 

They’re just words that people use to label their own lives.


Jésus Diaz by Daniel Del Valle

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Words by Rebecca Nevins

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