Galerie Ron Mandos presents Jan ♥ Boris

A provocative expo spanning decades, nations and communities.

The Pattaya Sex Bubble by Jan Hoek, courtesy of Galerie Ron Mandos

Amsterdam’s Galerie Ron Mandos is delighted to present the brand new collaborative exhibition opening on 21 January. Entitled Jan ♥ Boris, curator Paul Kooiker has chosen a selection of Jan Hoek’s best work over the past four years alongside photos from Boris Mikhailov’s captivating books Diary and Look at Me I Look at Water.

As a reoccurring theme that runs through the core of both practitioners’ work, the importance of the connections made to the models is key; drawing attention to the trust between the sitter and the artist, these photographers are able to “depict aspects of life and society with a rare rawness that is often touching, humorous and uninhibited all at once.”

The two featured artists have flowered from opposing backgrounds—Mikhailov (1938) being born in the former Soviet Union with vast restrictions on his discipline by the KGB, and Hoek (1984) having studied in Amsterdam at the Rietveld Academie. Yet both strive to push the boundaries of conventional principles within photography. Mikhailov has exercised a fascination with poverty (induced by the collapse of the Soviet Union), where Hoek delves into the documentation of individuals who are “disenfranchised from their communities.”

As a collective, the two merge together to supply a portfolio of social observational photography, spanning over “decades, nations and communities”. But be warned; both artists are known to push the ethical boundaries of their art.

From Boris Mikhailov’s Diary, courtesy of Galerie Ron Mandos

From Boris Mikhailov’s Diary, courtesy of Galerie Ron Mandos

21 January until 18 Febuary


Prinsengracht 282



Words by Lottie Hodson

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