Interview: Sevdaliza

The rising artist is everything you want her to be.


Dutch entertainer, Caspian siren, suspended kid, dream: Sevdaliza is everything you want her to be. Glamcult believes she’s all of the above as well as one of the Netherlands’ biggest musical promises. “I hope to be able to create to my fullest capacity as long as I live.”

Who’s Sevdaliza?

I’m still trying to figure that out!

Your SoundCloud states you’re everything we want you to be. 

Yes, it’s completely up to you. Everyone is what they’re perceived to be by others. I love to play with those suggestive spaces and leave some room for imagination in the creative output. It keeps things interesting.

Your EP is titled The Suspended Kid, referring to your naughty and assertive character as a child. Do you still like to rebel?

I used to have this idea that you needed to conform and be this mass-produced being in order to be noticed or to be a part of something. The truth of the matter is that authenticity does not conform, so for me it’s not about rebelling. In an ideal state of being, I am not bound by or in accordance with any conventional ways of thinking.

Born in Teheran, you moved to Rotterdam at a young age. Are both cities represented in your music?

I haven’t spent enough time as an adult in Teheran. Rotterdam breathes a sober mentality and rawness. So yeah, maybe that has influenced me… I do feel that my state of mind and therefore what I create is shaped by my surroundings, but mostly that comes out of a virtual world. By creating a virtual universe you can simulate an identity that can hardly be distinguished from reality. Ultimately, I find that even more fascinating.

Do you feel you inherited your poetic skills from your family?

I think so. My grandfather was a famous Persian poet.

You started out as a Dutch rapper—you even released a single called Delfts Blauw (Delftware). How do you feel looking back at your first musical episode?

I see it as a public try-out. And therefore non-existent.

Your music videos seem very mysterious and sexual—just like your music, really. Would you agree, and if so, from where does this drive stem?

Human drifts interest me more than anything. The way that social acceptance and conformity push us into classifying these drifts as good or bad. The ability we create, as well-behaved, well-spoken humans, to destroy by the ways we have been taught to restrict ourselves. Acting against our nature. To me, that’s beyond interesting. I could go on about this for ever.

You once said you started your music career because you were destined for greater things, you wanted more success. What’s the ultimate dream for Sevdaliza?

I don’t know where I stated this, but success or greater things are just a small part of my motivation. I just hope to be able to create to my fullest capacity as long as I live.

Your single Backseat Love was used by DKNY on the runway for their A/W15 show. What’s your connection to the fashion world?

That was incredible. I feel it’s another form of expression I’m really attracted to. I love creatives that tell their story without being afraid to not conform to public opinion.

When can we expect new output from Sevdaliza? 

Very soon, there will be a lot more to come this year. I’ve been creating with some amazing people like Mucky, Zahra Reijs and Pussykrew—but I can’t mention it all at this point…

By Joline Platje

Photography: Carlijn Jacobs

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