If you think Amsterdam is where to get high, think again.


You probably know Carlos Santolalla as one half of Insta-famous model couple @jarlos420. As proven by their moniker and steamy feed, these boys have a noteworthy fascination for all things weed-related. Besides curating, DJ-ing, starring in campaigns and music videos, as well as posting notorious make-out shots, Santolalla, aka @raatcity, is work- ing hard on a photography career. Not surprisingly, his latest work, named HIGH, is a zine-shaped mishmash of all the things that make Jarlos so successful. Explaining the concept to Glamcult, he writes: “HIGH is a highly highpothetical highdea and I was going to write an explanation of it but then I got high. I asked hot guys (aka artists/models) on the internet to smoke weed while I took their picture and it totally wasn’t creepy at all… Weed is fun and sexy, and it makes of lot of economic sense too.” If you think Amsterdam is the place to be at 4:20, think again. Here’s to all red-eyed American boys.

By Leendert Sonnevelt


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