“Make love. No touching.”

Why 18+ is very 18+


As if God himself was telling us a dirty a joke, it just so happened that 18+ released their debut album days before this issue of Glamcult was sent to press. On Trust, the rising minimalists of R&B have taken sex way beyond the internet, haunting us with digital mantras that are dark and sweaty, as well as crystal clear. So what better twosome to consult about all things tantalizing, than LA’s mysterious Boy and Sis, aka Justin Swinburne and Samia Mirza? 

Hi guys! What’s your favourite dirty song of all time?

S: Tease Me by Chaka Demus & Pliers. The unwinding dizziness of the track, paired with the way the vocalist refers to sex by beating around the bush, has always interested me. He suggests that attraction is a game—a victim to it, he surrenders, and celebrates it. The song is like foreplay, a manipulative tease you can’t help but dance (slowly) to.

J: Sublime’s Caress Me Down! Explicit in English, but even more so in Spanish. Aside from being lyrically about sex, the vocal delivery and instrumentation sound like the bloated beach junky that wrote it (RIP Bradley Nowell, I love you). This song feels thick and sweaty; it’s filthy in all respects.

What fascinates you the most about the body?

S: That the ears never stop growing.

J: For the first 60 days in the womb, all humans are female. This is why men have nipples.

How should people make love to your music? 

S: While laughing.

J: Without touching.

What do you consider the most alluring instrument?

S: Drums.

J: Throat.

What’s your wildest webcam story?

S: Watching someone I love die on Skype.

J: Samia telling me about watching someone she loves dying on Skype.

Tell us about your deepest desires.

S: I’d like to start and end my day near the ocean. My desires keep changing and I’m not sure I can reach them yet. Would be nice to be a grandma someday, too.

J: Faster, greener, less dehumanizing global travel. I’d also like to own a home at some point.

Real sex or cyber sex?

S: Real.

J: They’re both real.

Can we trust Justin and Samia?

S: Trust that we trust one another.

J: Why would you trust us?


By Joline Platje & Leendert Sonnevelt

Photography: Renata Raksha


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