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Explore the ways of 32 emerging talents at Dutch Design Week.


As a recurring participant of Dutch Design Week, the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie is set to showcase its fourth annual exhibition, displaying the contemporary conditions that breed and foster creativity. Concluding the fund’s year-long Talent Development Grant programme, In No Particular Order presents items belonging to 32 grant recipients, displaying their creative process and professional practice rather than their final products—which normally tends to be the focus point. The resulting installations make up an exhibition of hybrid pieces, the array of which paints an anthropological picture of creative practices.

Atelier Frank Verkade

Atelier Frank Verkade, exhibition participant

In No Particular Order is curated by Jules van den Langenberg, who invited experts in fashion, art, design, photography, architecture, education and research. Together they were in charge of compiling nine categories, creating a scope that translates personal items into a bigger picture that speaks of how contemporary creatives interact with their environment. In this way, not only the talent of these designers can be supported and admired, but also, their abilities are displayed from a personal and socio-cultural—sometimes intimate—angle. The categories address various questions regarding today’s young designers, architects and artists, prompting further questions such as: What are the social codes that determine whether someone is (considered) talented? How do they shape their work spaces? What literary forms motivate them? And how does creativity take course as a new currency?

In the end, this exhibition not only serves as a vehicle that fosters the artistic development of its participants, but also offers a different way of looking at their work—without perceiving the final work. In other words, it allows you to look at rising talents by means of their artistic processes, appreciating the elements that compose their aura. In No Particular Order will be presented at DDW from the 21st until the 29th of October. Besides the nine installations featuring 32 talents, expect a daily programme featuring both the participants and experts.


Elisa van Joolen, exhibition participant


Words by Alejandra Espinosa

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