Get to know the guests of Imruh Asha’s dinner party

We raised a glass to creativity with Zalando.


Teaming up with Glamcult and Zalando this week, stylist Imruh Asha opened the doors of his intimate atelier to 12 rising Dutch creatives from various disciplines. During the dinner affair—where the stylist’s favourite food was served and a colourful fashion installation livened up the historic room—a one-night platform was planted to exchange experiences, create new connections and share talent. We chatted to the photographers, visual artists, designers, stylists and all-round creatives to hear their thoughts on style, what inspires them today and the many ways in which they let their creative juices flow.


Romy de Vries, model

What inspires you in 2017? Brazilian music from the 1970s, spoken podcasts, scents which contain Gaïac wood, the fact that young people tend to get more political and more caring about human rights and climate change. And above all, walks in nature.

Which song are you playing on re-peat that represents your style? Can you explain why? Virna Lindt, Underwater Boy. It’s both soothing and cheesy—the exact mix of irony and seriousness I try to achieve in my looks.

In what way does fashion and style seep into your everyday life? What I wear is an extra layer of communication towards the people who get it, that way it creates some extra meaning to daily life.

What’s your best styling tip? At the moment I’m really into merchandise clothing of magazines and museums. And adding some grunge and 2000s glam to every outfit.

Which creative(s) would you like to collaborate with in the [near] future? So many! In the future I would love to create videos for some electronic music artists that I love and I would love to interview some artists for my upcoming podcast project. Don’t want to share the names yet though ;-).


Francis Yiadom, graphic designer

What inspires you in 2017? All the friends around me doing creative things.

How do you express your creativity? I’m a graphic designer, so I tend to express most of my creativity through graphic design.

How important is fashion to you personally? Honestly, I don’t care about fashion that much. I just know what I like and wear it.

Which creative(s) would you like to collaborate with in the (near) future? If I got to choose, I would love to collaborate with Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom, because I love what they’re doing with Fantastic Man.

What is your favourite film in terms of styling and production? Brother, a movie directed by Takeshi Kintano; all the costumes were designed by Yohji Yamamoto!


Piet Oosterbeek, photographer

What inspires you in 2017? My friends, both creatives and non-creatives, as well as various counter-cultures. I’m inspired by the extraordinary—anything outside of the norm, as well as the contrasts between small and big, the marginal and the extensive. Besides the city I love to spend time outdoors, in nature.

How do you express your creativity? I communicate and express myself through photography. For me, this is the best way to express my thoughts and emotions.

How important is fashion to you personally? Fashion aids in setting yourself apart from the mass. Through it, you can stay fresh when you have no money to spend. I always try and make something out of it. I like to mix labels from street culture, sportswear and items from classic labels.

Which creative(s) would you like to collaborate with in the near future? Reconstruct Collective, Imruh Asha, hair stylist Siko van Berkel, stylist JeanPaul Paula, and I would like to make more work with my brothers at Order. Shout-out to Tirino Yspol!

What is your favourite film in terms of styling and production? Beat Street, Wild Style and Boyz n the Hood.


Benjamin Aerts, stylist

How do you express your creativity? I express most of my creativity through my work as a stylist.

What is it about Amsterdam that inspires you? What inspires me most in Amsterdam is probably my diverse group of friends. Like me, most of them are not from here and we all have a different story to tell. They all have quite a unique way of dressing too.

What is your signature style? Most of the time I like wearing something that is comfortable, but also elegant. With a few pearls and/or diamonds added here and there.

 Summer’s coming! What will you be wearing? I hope that this summer I’ll be wearing my new swimming shorts a lot, but it’s probably going to be a lot of over-sized blouses paired with baggy shorts.

Who is your ultimate style icon? My style icon is definitely Marie-Antoinette.


Yoeri Wegman, artist

How do you express your creativity? Me and my fellow beauty Princess, Steff, are in the midst of launching Lovers Club: a club for lovers all over the world. I did the creative direction for the first project, which include an EP, photo series and a video. Steff’s the amazing producer and I’m the recording artist. Besides that, I write editorials for Subbacultcha.

What is it about Amsterdam that inspires you? The NDSM ferry! I live on the North side of Amsterdam so I need to take this thing multiple times a day. It’s where a lot of my ideas arise. Instead of looking at my phone, I let my hair blow in the wind and let the creativity flow.

What are you wearing? I’m wearing a red/pinkish velvet flair, a mix between a T-shirt and a crop top and shoes from New Rock, looking like a one-way ticket to hell. My style is like my personality: spontaneous, all over the place and raunchy.

What will you be wearing a lot this summer? Expect a hot boy in hot pants, blouse open, chest hair out. My hairstyle this summer is: “Hair twisted, but baby please don’t get it twisted.”

Photography: Ramona Deckers

Stay tuned for episode 2!


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