IMG opens up to plus-size men

Now booking brawn boys and body positivity.


In other body positive news: IMG Models just launched a division for plus-size men within the agency, creating a new term for big and tall: brawn. Body positivity is far less discussed for men than it is celebrated for women, even though they are evenly portrayed in unrealistic shapes. Ivan Bart, president at IMG Models, explains: “Brawn has a body positive message. Brawn is physical strength.” He continues: “The body positive messaging and size diversity is something that’s relevant and something that continues to be on everybody’s mind.” So why are men excluded from this conversation? Like many subject matters that only address women, we should start to include men in these matters. Body positivity proposes an issue for men, which shows there is sensitivity to them—like women—and strips them of conventional, dominant masculinity. The belief that these matters aren’t as important for men as they are for women is an age-old and (unfortunately) stubborn one. IMG’s first brawn model is Zach Miko, a 6 feet, 6 inches, and 40-inch waist man. “I want every man in America to say, ‘I can do that’ when they see Zach,” Bart notes. Hopefully this will push brands to follow Bart’s lead and increase products for men in all body shapes. It’s a good day for the collective appreciation of diversity.



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