Translating society to sculpture

Art on the intersection of on-screen and off-screen.


The notion that we see as many images in a single day as one would see in a lifetime in medieval times is something that influenced the work of Dutch-born, Berlin-based artist Rachel de Joode. As we live our lives online, De Joode explores the intersection between the life on-screen and the one that takes place in real life—pics, or it didn’t happen. In De Joode’s case, the picture transforms into a sculptural event wherein materialization evokes performativity.

De Joode combines elements of photography and sculpture to create an uncanny worldview in which the silhouettes find their origin in dough, clay, stone, soap and foundation make-up. Her multilayered objects, constructed in a skin-tone palette, seem to withhold a certain naivety, yet the works, in their fragile state, offer a powerful approach to the investigation of the artist.



By Ruben Baart

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