Rising star Ib Kamara turns styling into empowerment

“You know it, you believe it, enrich it and tell it honestly.”

Photography by Dexter Lander, styling by Ib Kamara

As a young creative who tells stories worth telling, Ib Kamara stands for equality, love and freedom of expression—and acts as a jaw-dropping fashion maverick in the meantime. Whether he’s styling the youth of Nigeria for Kenzo or working on Sampha’s new short film, the resulting tale is always one of cultural and sexual empowerment. We caught up with the London-based stylist and CSM graduate for our latest issue, discussing the breadth and limitations of Border Politics.

How would you describe your work in one short sentence?

Telling stories worth telling.

Would you describe your work as political?

Yes, my work delves in and out of politics. I question culture and learn a lot during those processes.

What do borders mean to you? Do they limit you in any way?

Borders mean imagination to me; when walls are built up, we as humans have the ability to imagine what’s on the other side, which can speak to a generation and influence culture.


Still from KENZO ‘GIDI GIDI BỤ UGWU EZE’, photography Ruth Ossai, styling by Ib Kamara

How are you affected by border politics (and anything that comes under it) in daily life?

I react to what is currently helping in the world and the immigrant discrimination. As an immigrant I can relate when borders are put up and what it means to the stories I am telling.

What are your thoughts on cultural appropriation? 

My African origin has a lot of influence on the work I do. It’s part of my DNA and the stories I am passionate about telling because I have experienced those stories. Cultural appropriation is taking from a culture you know little about and pushing it and watering it down for your convenience. You are born into a culture or adopted into it. You know it, you believe it, enrich it and tell it honestly.

What do you stand for?

I stand for equality, love, peace, freedom of expression and story telling. I hope to keep telling the stories that I hope will influence culture.

Photography by Kristin-Lee Moolman, styling by Ib Kamara

Photography by Kristin-Lee Moolman, styling by Ib Kamara


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